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Sunday, 20 September 2015

DIY: Lavender eye pillow

Recently I discovered the benefits of eye pillows, which has relaxing effects (I didn't even know that pillows for eyes existed!). These are used to relax after yoga, or just to fall asleep. I am really happy for mine with lavender fill (for extra relaxation). It is a very easy DIY project, which doesn't require too many ingredients or skills.

Use only the flowers and not the stems

1. Dried lavender flowers
2. Linseed
3. Some leftover fabric
4. Sewing machine, or you can also sew by hands (after all not much sewing is required for such a small pillow)
5. If you need even more aroma, you can add some lavender essential oil (for me that was't necessary)


1. Sew a small rectangular pillowcase (the size is up to you), leave a little opening for the filling.

2. Mix approximately equal amount of linseed and lavender flowers and fill in the pillowcase. I rolled  a paper tube to make it easier to put the mix in the pillow.

3. Sew the opening and voila!

I would suggest to make a separate removable pillowcase, so that you can change them and keep them clean.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Crochet pullover

The summer is almost over and it is soon time for cozy warm pullovers! After crocheting a huge blanket with bubble stitches and with some leftover yarn, I decided to get into another project, this time a pullover (in total match with my blanket! Wonder if anyone would find me under the blanket wearing the pullover).

The project is still in the process, but it is almost there!