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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

DIY: Paper flowers decoration

This weekend I was busy with arranging a confirmation/ nonfirmation party for my daughter. I spent some time working on the decorations for the party and I made a huge amount of paper flowers. Some people asked how did I make them, so here I am sharing tutorial. As you can see there are endless versions you can make.

You need: 

  • paper napkins in different colours 
  • scissors 
  • colour papers 
  • paper stapler 

1. Start with making the middle of the flower by cutting coloured paper (I chose black here, but you can choose whatever suits you).
2. Cut the napkins in a shape of flowers. It doesn't have to be perfect.
3. Layer the shaped napkins and the coloured paper (the middle of the flower).
 4. Staple in the middle
5. Now the most lengthy phase - shaping the flower. You have to detangle all the layers of the napkins one by one for a nice and fluffy flower.
6. Then just fold all the "petals".
 and voila!

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