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Saturday, 25 April 2015

New roommate

Owning over 50 lovely plants (all the herbs are not included in here) I didn't think a minute before grabbing this delicate guy. Welcome to my new roommate!

Friday, 24 April 2015

DIY: Crocheted bookmark

Although I really enjoy the convenience of using electronic books, I still have a huge crash on paper books. What can be lovelier than reading outside on a sunny day. But that can be a challenging affair in windy Scandinavia, with all the pages blowing away. So why not use a rubber band to keep the pages from blowing and keeping it as bookmark at the same time? 

Everything you need is a rubber band really, but I decided to make it a little prettier, so I crocheted around the band. 

It took me maybe 10 minutes to get this done and I think it looks pretty, not to mention the usefulness of it.

A rubber band, scissors - all you need!
But I made some crocheting around the band ...


My own little herb garden

Friday greetings to you! Today I have made my very own herb garden in my kitchen, using recycled cans and plant hangers (see the tutorial). How do you like it?

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Outdoor gardens ideas

Having a garden of my own must be one of my biggest dreams. Doesn't have to be a huge thing, just a piece of land, where I could create my own little jungle and hide in it from bad people.

In the absence of this opportunity at the moment and when I am not making our apartment into a jungle, the thing I can do is to enjoy the lovely gardens all around. Here are some of the inspirational places ... 

A fantastic idea with succulents hanging from balconies in Barcelona

or having a whole garden on the balcony


When there are no balconies just displaying
your treasures on the outside of the window 

Or spreading poppies all over just outside like in Copenhagen

Look at this amazing cafe in Istanbul 



I think this one is quite crazy cool idea from the streets of Istanbul.
Though personally I would stick to the boots...

Plant hangers again again ...

I just couldn't keep my hands off making plant hangers. Same recipe as before, but this time with wooden beads in them. Damn satisfied! Happy Sunday!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to add personal touch to your home

My treasure bookcase. The wooden thingy on the wall is an old
cheese filter from Scandinavia 

It is no secret that it is rather easy to fall into the IKEA trap when one's first budget priority is not furniture. But even with IKEA stuff, I think it is possible to make a cozy and personal home.

I place some old family pictures here and there

Welcome greens 

If you read my previous posts, you have already guessed that you deal with a plants maniac here. So I will not give further explanation as to how the plants give warmth and coziness to one's home. And there are so many options to it! 

Lovely Tajik suzani 

Art in your home

It is obvious that well-selected art objects at home add originality to the decor and serve as eye and soul candy. Of course it is great if I would have an original Picasso hanging on my walls, but I also think that the most important is the personal value of the art for me and obviously that the objects fit in my home. I was blessed to have a talented daughter, but I am sure that many have a kid or two or nephew or cool neighbor kid, who can provide you with art.    

A collage wall in the entree 


Display your statement jewels 

Behind the necklaces is a beautiful suzani from Tajikistan.
I am afraid that it is not my last suzani
As a person with a love for beautiful objects, I often tend to purchase things knowing that I will not wear them, like this Tibetan necklace. But they are always in sight and giving me joy as a decor in our bedroom. 

Lovely jewelry box from Tajikistan paired
with my daughter's sculpture

Share your travel memories  

I love putting my souvenirs all over my place to keep the memories alive. From colorful suzanis on the walls to the ugliest magnets on the fridge - it is a fun and make your home more than personal. 

Felt rugs on the wall and floor from Kyrgyzstan
along with IKEA lamps and lots of plants 
Beautiful felt rug from Kyrgyzstan on the left and
Buddhist symbols from Mongolia on the right

Get some vintage furniture 

I like the idea of combining the new and old, it provides special atmosphere to the decor. But I think it should be done thoughtfully, as too much of old furniture may make your home look a bit old-fashioned. Similarly too much of new stuff can stripe it of personality.
An old armchair from my parents-in-law. The yellow pillowcase is made by my mother-in-law.
The green one is actually not a pillowcase. It is a woolen sock from Tajikistan, and I think it looks great as a pillow. 

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Art is just as important as math

As mentioned in my previous post we had a great experience participating in Drawing Festival in Horsens. Here are some of the pictures from the festival.
Cool kids 

My daughter's assignment

Drawing with tapes

Drawing board for all 

Light installation in Horsens Art Museum 

Cool art from the museum