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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

DIY: Polish pajaki chandelier

The other day on Pinterest I was inspired to make a polish pajaki chandelier, which is a lovely chandelier with lots of bright colors and made from paper. So my daughter and I decided to start this project and we are pretty damn satisfied with the result. 

For pajaki you need 
  • paper napkins (in many colors)
  • straws
  • string 
  • paper stars or beads or pompoms (we used beads and pompoms instead, but you can always cut paper flowers and stars from solid papers) 
  • wire (for the chandelier body) 
  • ribbons 
  • glue 

Here is pretty much what we used. 

First we started with the paper flowers following this peony tutorial, but instead of coffee filters we used ordinary paper napkins and also we doubled the amount of papers for the flowers, so that they become very fluffy. 

 Using the wire, ribbon and glue we have gathered the "body" of the chandelier, which is the circle, that holds the chandelier.
After lots of fun with beads, pompoms, small pieces of straws and flowers, we got the lovely colorful pajaki. 

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