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Friday, 10 April 2015

Decorating with house plants

I tend to have too many plants in my home and I never get enough of them. I think plants give so much warmth and joy, especially when you grow them yourself and get to see every step in the process. There are many ways to have plants and flowers at home and fortunately today we have access to many different varieties of exotic plants as well as to the more of simple kind. You can use your imagination as to how display and arrange the plants and flowers, but here are some of my tips. 

Add colors to your home by adding fresh flowers and plants

Lovely red clove flowers in beautiful ceramic vases. And the clove flowers last forever! 

You can use plants as a decor on your bookshelf using colored glass vase
it doesn't have to be a funky vase

use a colorful vintage can instead of a vase
or a transparent glass vase 

Grow your own little garden

In the springtime collect branches and see how the leaves will pop out or grow your own plants. To the right: split-leaf  philodendron - one of the most grateful plants, as long as you remember to water them from time to time

If you are not exactly a green-handed person, then go for succulents and cacti - easy to care for and there are a great variety of them!
You can keep them miniature
or let them grow into bushes by gradually changing the size of pots to give more space for roots. 

Hang your plants. See the tutorial

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